CannabisOMMU Update 2022 – How It Has Changed Matters For Cannabis Users In Florida?

August 29, 2022by admin

OMMU Update 2022 – How It Has Changed Matters For Cannabis Users In Florida?

As of August 26, 2022, the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use sent an updated directive. The directive brings forth a whole set of prospective rules that certifies a new milligram cap for the physicians that comes into effect from August 29, 2022.

However, the authorities, considering certain medical necessities, allow a mode of attaining immunity against the cap limit set by the OMMU update. The qualified physicians may request an exception if required. Medical Marijuana doctors at Trilogy Medicinal shall be open to facilitate patients suffering from medical conditions that critically require immunity from these limitations by requesting an exception if required.

What Are The Limitations?

OMMU imposes certain sanctions and limitations on medical marijuana recommendations. The recommendations limits are as follows:

Under the new updates limitations of OMMU, administration of marijuana is subjected to an emergency rule that subsequently limits the amount of daily dose of marijuana and 70-day dosage accordingly. The limitation applies to all the allowable states of marijuana generally dispensed, excluding low cannabis products.

As stated by the OMMU update;

An aggregate (total) 70-day supply limit of marijuana, other than marijuana in a form for smoking, shall not exceed 24,500 mg of THC.”

Complete details as per OMMU update 2022 are as follows:

Route of Administration Daily Dose Amount 70-Day Supply Limit*
Edibles 60 mg THC 4,200 mg THC
Inhalation (e.g., vaporization) 350 mg THC 24,500 mg THC
Oral (e.g., capsules, tinctures) 200 mg THC 14,000 mg THC
Sublingual (e.g., sublingual tinctures) 190 mg THC 13,300 mg THC
Suppository 195 mg THC 13,650 mg THC
Topical (e.g., creams) 150 mg THC 10,500 mg THC
Marijuana in the form of smoking 2.025 grams N/A

How Does The Update Affect Current Certifications?

The good part of these rules is that they are not retrospective, which means they do not affect current certifications. It only applies prospectively, which means that it shall be imposed on all certifications after the rules are enacted. The OMMU also states that all such active physician certifications must begin 210 days after August 29, 2022, i.e., the date of commencement of the rules of emergency.

What if any modifications are made after August 29, 2022, to a certification that was made earlier and isn’t subject to the OMMU update? Well, the “immunity” against the limitations is canceled as soon as certification is modified following August 29. After this, you must follow the rules and be subject to new restrictions imposed by the OMMU update. In this case, if you want to exceed the new cap limits, you need an exception case.

Does The OMMU Update Offer A Way To Exceed The Cap Limit?

Well, along with the sanctions setting up a cap limit to marijuana recommendations, the rules provide a proper way to attain exemption to a certain extent in exceptional cases. In case of a certification that exceeds the daily dose limit, the qualified physician may submit a “Request Of Exception.”

Following is a list of aspects to keep in consideration:

  • The exception is requested to the registry.
  • The process involves providing complete information about the patient and their condition along with a complete set of relevant documents to support the request. All the requirements are mentioned in the form of a Request for Exception.
  • After OMMU receives all the documents, information, and form, your request is pondered over, after which it may either be accepted or rejected.
  • The approval or disapproval is generally disclosed within a 14 days period.
  • Also, the physicians must consider that the patient is not entitled to any immunity unless or until OMMU approves the request for an exception. This means that the patient is not to be recommended a daily dose amount that exceeds the cap limit prescribed by the OMMU update.

How Long Is A Request For Exception Valid?

Understanding how the “Request for Exception” works is important. Basically, whenever qualified physicians create a new certification, they require a new request for an exception every time. It is only needed if their certifications exceed the limits prescribed. It means that every request for an exception, after the approval, remains valid as long as a certain qualified patient’s certification.

If a qualified patient with an already approved exception visits another physician for certification, the request must be made again by the new physician within seven days. This not only closes the previous certification but the exception request.

Final Thoughts:

The OMMU update may upset several patients as they will be subject to new limitations. However, services like Trilogy Medicinal are constantly making the procedures easier for you. For more guidelines, you may click here. Understanding the Amount Available Calculation Page helps you comprehend the instructional guidelines easily.