CannabisWhat is The History of Cannabis?

October 28, 2022by admin

What Is The History Of Cannabis?

Almost 500 BC marks the beginning of the use of cannabis plants in various areas of human life. The proximity between humans and nature is still evident in various aspects, despite technology taking over to replace it. Cannabis has been used for herbal treatments for thousands of years. Originally, it was used only for its healing properties and not for getting high.

A sneak peek at the history of the cannabis plant shows how colorful it is. The cannabis plant has been used for its healing properties that can help humans live better lives. Well, you can trace the ancient use of cannabis back to 2800 BC. The Hindus, Romans, and Greeks have used it most frequently throughout history. Stick around to learn more about the history of cannabis.

Development Of Cannabis Use

Colonial people grew the plant as a raw material for textiles and several other purposes. Having been exposed to the multitude of effects induced by cannabis, they came to understand it better. Using trial and error methods, they learned the correct uses and discovered miraculous health benefits.

As soon as its psychoactive effects were unleashed, it became a recreational drug that came in handy for everyone. In no time, the plant was known and being used across the globe. This public obsession and other racial biases lead to the criminalization of weed.

Recent decades have proved to be evolutionary as it got subjected to experimentation and studies rigorously by experts. The results won the confidence of several experts that advocated the legalization of cannabis. Luckily, its legal status is pretty stabilized and is legal to use today.

Medical Use Of Cannabis

The medical tests from ancient Romans reveal that they had been using it since 70 AD to cure several medical conditions. Cannabis proved itself to be helpful with medical conditions that involve problems with libido and sex drive. There’s a lot to unleash when it comes to the history of cannabis.

Eventually, the experts found out that the therapeutic effects of the cannabis plant extend to the following medical conditions.

1. Menstrual Health

Women started using it to reduce menstrual cramps. It also seemed to sort out other troubles related to menstrual cycles.

2. Convulsions

Cannabis also helped patients having convulsions which made room for more research on the use of cannabis for convulsions.

3. Sleep Disorders

Throughout history, humans have been plagued by sleeping disorders. It has been a part of life for quite some time. Many people have used the cannabis plant to improve their sleep.

4. Childbirth

Anecdotal evidence shows that cannabis was used in some communities to facilitate childbirth.

5. Pain And Inflammation

It is even found that the roots of the said plant were first boiled and then used for pain and inflammation.

History Of Cannabis: Final Thoughts

The cannabis industry has constantly been flourishing, opening doors to its application in various areas of human well-being and healthcare. A number of states have formally legalized the use of cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes.

Colorado was the first state in the USA to legalize the medical use of cannabis. In Florida, you need to have a medical card to enjoy all the therapeutic effects of cannabis. Trilogy Medicinal is here to make the process easier for you!