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November 14, 2022by admin

Pros and Cons of Legalizing Adult Recreational Cannabis Use

Using marijuana isn’t a new practice for humans. Recently, it has made its way into the medical arena to help patients cope with a wide range of debilitating conditions. This led to the legalization of medical marijuana in various states. Besides medical marijuana, many other states allow recreational marijuana use as well. It is still illegal to use marijuana recreationally in some states, such as Florida. Trilogy Medicinal in Port St. Lucie can help you get your medical marijuana card fast and easy.

Legalizing adult recreational cannabis use opens a host of concerns, whether it’s a wise move for the public or not. Let’s find out!

Legalizing Adult Recreational Cannabis: Pros And Cons:

Here’s a sneak peek at the positive and negative aspects of legalizing and regulating adult recreational cannabis.


1. A Helpful Step To Improve Economy

It is suggested that if the cannabis industry flourishes, it may add up to 11 Billion dollars to the economy of the USA. Legalizing and regulating recreational cannabis can boost the economy to a great extent, which is why it seems a great idea. Ensuring that legal recreational cannabis is distributed through government shops can help add to the State’s revenue. [1]

2. Safer Use

Recreational Marijuana is sold on streets through illegal retailers by drug dealers even if it’s not legalized. This type of marijuana may be contaminated by harmful substances as there is no regulatory body to ensure product quality. Marijuana might as well contain something poisonous, and there would be no legal remedy or regulation. If government bodies regulate the same, the chances of all these risks are greatly reduced.

3. Crime Rate Decreases

An analysis shows that police officers and other related officials spend a lot of their time dealing with marijuana-related offenders. 88% of these offenders are arrested merely for possessing marijuana. Legalizing the possession of marijuana can make things a lot easier for vendors, users, and police officers.


1. May Encourage Teens To Use Marijuana:

Statistics show that states that legalized the recreational use of marijuana have the highest rate of marijuana use among teens. Although these states have legalized the use for adults only, teens can also seek access to marijuana easily. Also, the legalization of recreational marijuana encourages teens to indulge in it. [2]

2. Marijuana May Have Side Effects On The Health

The positive aspects of using marijuana often overshadow the negative impacts on health. Marijuana, if used right, possesses several benefits for health. At the same time, the same drug can be harmful to your well-being if you overuse it. It may lead to dependency or even damage brain function if overused in the long term.

3. Increased Traffic Accidents

Remember that marijuana can make you feel high. Driving while high on marijuana can be as risky as driving while drunk. Things get even worse with marijuana sometimes. This is because you may feel alert enough to drive after marijuana, but things get out of control when you start driving.

Final Thoughts:

Legalization of recreational cannabis may lead to several consequences that have negative as well as positive aspects. Creating awareness among users can help prevent the misuse of the legalization of recreational marijuana. Schedule with Trilogy Medicinal today for more information!