CannabisLifestyleCannabis Trichomes: What Purpose Do They Serve?

November 28, 2022by admin

What Are Trichomes?

Trichome is a Greek word which means “to cover with hair”. They appear as small hair-like structures on lichens, plants and algae. Usually, plants have them to attract prey, whereas some plants utilize these to protect themselves from harmful UV radiation.

What You Should Know About Trichomes

Trichomes are tiny projections on the cannabis plant, mostly found on their leaves and flowers. These unicellular or multicellular hair-like structures produce the plant’s flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids. Trichomes protect the cannabis plant against pathogens, pests and environmental pollutants. They are also called the powerhouse of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Trichomes serve the purpose of a defense mechanism in cannabis plants.  Many popular cannabis products like shatter, hash, cannabis concentrates can only be created due to these resin glands.

Different Cannabis Trichomes and Their Benefits

We have compiled some of the most common cannabis trichomes. Let’s not waste any more time and learn about different trichomes and their effects.

  1. Bulbous Trichomes:

These are the minor types of trichomes with a size of about 10 microns. They are very hard to see with the naked eye because of their small size, yet they are present on the whole plant’s surface. They are for cannabis flower shine and also the sticky nature of buds. Have a look at some of their benefits,

  • They ensure the plants protection from UV light.
  • These trichomes also warn the plants about insects when they observe any movement.
  • Bulbous trichomes ensure to keep the plant’s water near the surface in low humidity or windy conditions.
  1. Capitate-Stalked Trichomes:

These types of trichomes have mushroom-like shapes identified by a bulb at their head. They are the most visible trichomes developed during the flowering stage on the cannabis flower’s surface. The benefits of these trichomes are given below,

  • Capitate stalked trichomes contribute to producing substances like CBD and THC, plus some beneficial oils.
  • These trichomes produce the highest number of terpenes and cannabinoids which are ideal for many purposes.
  1. Capitate Sessile Trichomes:

Capitate sessile trichomes are 75 micrometers and mushroom-shaped. They are more significant than bulbous trichomes and can be viewed with the help of a microscope. There are two types of Capitate sessile trichomes, and they can be found on many flowers and leaves. Take a look at how these trichomes can benefit you,

  • These trichomes produce many cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Capitate sessile trichomes can’t be ignored by extractors due to their cannabinoid derivatives production.

Final Thoughts

Trichomes are appendages found on algae, lichens, plants and protest organisms. A protist organism is neither a plant, animal or fungi but contains a nucleus. Different plants use them for other purposes. In the case of cannabis plants, trichomes synthesize multiple cannabinoids like TBH and CBH and terpenes.

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